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So Much Stuff to Sing

Oct 5, 2023

We're back -- a little late -- but we come bearing a new miniseries! This time, we're heading off-Broadway to explore the wide range of shows and songs that fall under that collective banner.

We start with one of the either best -- or least -- well-known musicals of all time, depending on which co-host you ask. Yes, it's 1960's The Fantasticks which ran off-Broadway for over four decades, becoming the longest running musical in the world. What do we think it was able to accomplish that feat, and what do we think of the show's most famous number, "Try to Remember?" Listenn to find out!

All clips are from 1960's The Fantasticks Original Off-Off-Broadway Cast Album featuring Jerry Orbach are used in accordance with the Fair Use Exemption for criticism and commentary.

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